5 Reasons to Have Your Kia Serviced at the Dealership

Servicing your Kia vehicle regularly will ensure that it’s in great shape for years to come. In fact, servicing is key to having a long-lasting vehicle. Equally important is where you’re supposed to get your servicing done.

If you have a Kia, then the best place to get your vehicle checked at is your local authorized Kia dealership. Here are some benefits that you get from doing so:

1. Make use of your Kia warranty 

Only by taking your Kia to an authorized dealership like JTs Kia Rock Hill can you make use of your manufacturer’s warranty. So, instead of going to an independent repair shop, it makes more sense to visit a dealership so that you can get work done for free as long as it’s covered by your warranty.

2. Have access to expert technicians specializing in Kia vehicles

Authorized Kia dealerships have technicians who’ve been specially trained to work on Kia vehicles. This means that they have expert knowledge and the requisite technical competence that make them deeply familiar with the inner mechanisms of Kia cars. On top of this, they have had years of experience working on all models of Kia, so you know your car is in great hands.

3. Original parts and tools for your Kia vehicle 

If your Kia is in need of new parts and tools, the best place you can get these is from your dealership. Here, you have access to original parts and tools for Kia vehicles, and if these are not available, you can still get your hands on equipment that has been specifically designed for Kia models by trusted third-party manufacturers. 

4. Quality service even for older Kia models

If you have an older Kia model, you may have some difficulty finding the right factory components. However, at a dealership, expert Kia technicians know exactly which equipment your model needs and can help you procure and install them.

5. Proper diagnostic tools 

While some independent repair shops and other chains may offer a free diagnosis for your vehicle, it may not be 100-percent reliable. You are simply getting a diagnosis based on guesswork. However, at a dealership, you have access to top-notch tools that give you accurate results. 

Source: Pexels