Kia Teams with Amazon to Provide One-Stop Home Charging Solution

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Kia Teams with Amazon to Provide One-Stop Home Charging Solutions

In a revolutionary move for Kia, the American division of the Korean car manufacturer has teamed up with Amazon to bring their plug-in vehicle customers one-stop shopping experience, allowing them to easily purchase charging solutions for their vehicles from the comfort of their own homes. Kia Motors America’s new program with Amazon provides its plug-in vehicle customers with the opportunity to buy home chargers from the online shopping platform and have the same installed by professionals. Now, thanks to this collaboration between Amazon and Kia, customers who have bought a Kia plug-in vehicle can go to, where they can learn everything there is to know about charging their electric vehicle. Even before their car is delivered, customers will be able to go through relevant information to help them choose a home charger, how to install it, and how to charge their plug-in vehicle at home. Currently, Kia’s line of plug-ins includes the Soul EV, Niro EV, Niro PHEV, and Optima PHEV.

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The link provided offers recommendations for chargers based on the kind of vehicle you have. This includes Kia-selected Level 2 or 240-volt charging units, information about installing EV home charging, as well as helpful and honest reviews from other customers who have bought these home charging solutions. You will also be able to find upfront pricing for all the electrical services you may require for your installation, and you can even schedule a licensed electrician to come to your house to install your newly purchased EV charger as well as a 240-volt outlet if required. Moreover, a warranty from Kia covers the vehicles, while Amazon’s Happiness Guarantee looks after all kinds of installation services, making sure that your home charger will be installed to your satisfaction. According to the executive director of KMA’s Car Planning and Telematics department, Orth Hedrick, home-charging your Kia plug-in does not get “any easier” than this new program. This collaboration between Amazon and Kia is just another example of how Kia is always striving to improve the experiences of their customers, he added.

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