All-wheel drive Kia models

 Kia Sportage

All-wheel drive Kia models

Kia has a reputation for manufacturing value-for-money cars. Over the years, the Korean automobile giant has introduced several technological enhancements, thanks to which its cars are some of the most efficient and safe on the roads today. One of the most notable features of Kia cars is all-wheel-drive. Kia All-Wheel Drive is designed to help drivers keep their Kia under control irrespective of the driving surface. Kia All-Wheel Drive features a superior powertrain capable of providing power to all four wheels of the vehicle, whether on-demand or full-time. Some benefits of Kia All-Wheel Drive include:

Superior off-road capabilities
If you live to explore uncharted territories, an AWD car can bring all your dreams to life. To improve traction, Kia AWD systems modulate power delivery to individual wheels. This assists the Kia with traveling on almost any surface, including muddy, slippery, and icy roads. Just because your Kia is equipped with AWD does not mean you can drive it off the lot. Some other factors that will impact your car’s off-road capabilities are the condition of the brakes and the acceleration and suspension of the vehicle.

High resale value
Owing to the unparalleled capability of Kia AWD, adrenalin junkies around the world feel more confident when facing challenges head-on. Also, Kia cars equipped with the system usually have a higher resale value than other models.

Some Kia cars equipped with the system

Kia Sportage
Introduced in 1993, the Sportage is a compact SUV, and there are multiple reasons to fall in love with the 2019 Sportage. The model boasts a spacious and comfortable interior, intelligent headlight options, and a range of safety features.

Kia Sorento
Launched in 2002, the Sorento by Kia is a mid-size crossover SUV. Currently, in its third generation, the Sorento delivers a comfortable ride, and the 2019 version received numerous safety upgrades. The car features smart braking options such as electronic brake-force distribution and brake assist system.

Kia Telluride
Launched in 2019, the Kia Telluride is a midsize SUV that comes equipped with a number of smart features, such as heated and ventilated second-row seats, Safe Exit Assist, and UVO link with a 10.25” touchscreen.

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