Select Kia All Wheel Performance

Select Kia All Wheel Performance

Select Kia All Wheel Performance

Are you looking for information on Kia's all-wheel performance? JT's Kia of Rock Hill has all the juice on the available Kia AWD models so that when you decide on the right car for you, you make an informed decision. For several years now, Kia SUVs and Crossovers have come with AWD. But why would you need an AWD? What are the benefits of Kia's AWD?

Better traction: Kia's all-wheel-drive gives you the peace of mind you desperately need when looking for adventure but safety as well. AWD offers improved traction on slippery roads and in harsh weather conditions. Thanks to the better traction an AWD vehicle provides, your chances of gliding or slipping off the road lessen tremendously. Better off-road capabilities: When you're craving for an off-road adventure, you need a sturdy vehicle that can keep you protected. Kia's AWD feature helps when you're on unknown roads and off-roading. However, it's important to note that AWD alone is not enough for an adventure.

A car's brakes, acceleration, and suspension all play a role here. Kia has made sure that along with it's available AWD feature, it also provides excellent brakes, acceleration, and suspension.

Kia AWD SUVs and Crossovers available at JT's Kia of Rock Hill

Kia Sportage
All-wheel drive is available with all the Kia Sportage trims. For those of you worried about safety – here's some good news: Kia Sportage has been named a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Kia Sorento
All-wheel drive is available on all the Kia Sorento trims. If you're looking for a family car that's safe but also spacious, this is definitely your vehicle.

Kia AWD cars available at JT's Kia of Rock Hill
There's more good news. While the Kia Sportage and Sorento were the only two models that offered available AWD, Kia has now extended this offer to the Kia Stinger – which is not a crossover or an SUV, but a high-performance, powerful sedan. This new sports car comes with a standard rear-wheel drivetrain, with available AWD for maximum performance. Stinger is the only sedan made by Kia that offers AWD.

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