Kia and Amazon EV Charging Installation Service

Kia and Amazon EV Charging Installation Service

Kia and Amazon EV Charging Installation Service

Kia and Amazon have partnered up to make your EV charging experience easier than ever. Your home charging solution is now just a click away thanks to this incredible collaboration. With Kia and Amazon, you can now discover EV equipment, stay aware of the prices for electrical services, and also select a licensed electrician to come home and install a 240V EV charger.

How does it work?
The EV charger installation process is as easy as 1, 2, 3. In just three simple steps, you too can avail the benefits of quick and easy EV charging without any hassle.

Step 1
You can upgrade from the Kia-supplied 120V charger and purchase a charger that can do its job much more efficiently. You can power your Kia faster with a 240V home charging station. The minimum recommendation is a 32-amp charger. Thanks to the collaboration with Amazon, you can find plenty of choices such as – a 40 amp Bosch charger with a sleek and compact design and user-friendly operation; a ChargePoint charger that is 32 amp and WiFi Enabled, with voice control via Amazon Alexa; and a JuiceBox charger with 40 amp, WiFi capability, and ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Step 2
You can now schedule an appointment with just a click of the button. Choose a date and time slot of your preference and have a licensed electrician come over and install a 240V charging point in your garage. Amazon handpicks top-rated electricians from your neighborhood to schedule online. The professional installation will include –

• Background-checked electricians, to ensure a hassle-free and quick installation process
• Licensed and insured electricians, to avoid excess out-of-pocket charges
• Upfront pricing
• Convenient scheduling, as per your date and time
• Services backed by Amazon’s Happiness Guarantee, facilitating a smooth installation experience

Step 3 You can now easily charge your car at home. With just a simple and quick setup, you can juice up your EV with more power and faster charging times. With such an at-home solution, you can remain charged and be ready for on-the-go travel at any time. The Kia and Amazon collaboration is valid on the Kia Soul EV 2019, Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid 2019, Kia Optima Plug-In Hybrid 2019, and the Kia Niro EV 2019.

Source: Kia