Kia’s eco dynamic vehicles


Kia’s eco dynamic vehicles

Kia is a leading automobile manufacturer. The South Korean firm is known for producing value-for-money cars that look stylish and come equipped with a range of features. They're also some of the most eco-friendly products on the streets today. Kia cars are known for their fuel efficiency. One of the greenest models, the Kia Picanto, returns a combined economy of 58.8 mpg and emissions of just 114gm/km. The bigger Kia models are even more economical. Take, for instance, the Kia Rio. Powered by a 1.5-liter CRDi engine, the subcompact variant returns an impressive 63 mpg.

Kia has always expressed its commitment to contribute to sustainability. To uphold this statement, Kia launched a new sub-brand known as EcoDynamics in the 2010 Chicago Auto Show. The introduction of EcoDynamics is a part of Kia’s efforts to jump on the green bandwagon. The EcoDynamics badge will appear on the most fuel-efficient car within every Kia model range. The company announced that the engine type and engine size badges (found on tailgate or boot lid) will be replaced by the new EcoDynamics badge. This will help highlight these models in Europe.

The Cee’d was the first car in Kia’s lineup to carry the EcoDynamics badge. The hatchback’s 1.6 CRDi diesel engine is mated to Intelligent Stop & Go technology. The hatchback also returns a combined fuel economy of 67.3 mpg and emissions of just 110 g/km. Cars with the EcoDynamics badge come equipped with a range of advanced features, including Stop and Go, V-let energy-saving tires, and a gearshift indicator.

Stop and Go technology
Driving in stop and go traffic can be a frustrating experience and can drag down a vehicle’s fuel efficiency, thereby resulting in an increase in emissions. To address these problems, Kia equips its cars with Stop and Go technology that automatically stops the car when not in motion and starts the engine when the driver hits the throttle.

V-let energy-saving tires
V-let energy-saving tires feature a special design to help reduce road friction. This improves the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Gearshift indicator
Brings down fuel consumption by advising on the most fuel-efficient point to shift gears.

Source: Kia