Signs that you may need to change your oil


Signs that you may need to change your oil

Your engine oil lubricates different parts of your car’s engine, helping them perform their function. The essential fluid maintains the temperature of your engine, which helps avoid excessive friction. Engine oil breaks down over time and starts accumulating dust and dirt particles. Impure engine oil can do more harm than good. For starter's, unclean oil fails to regulate engine temperature and lubricate different parts, which speeds up the wear-and-tear process. To address these problems, you must change your oil at regular intervals.

Most drivers know the importance of regular oil changes, but they still miss their schedules. In most cases, a missed oil change is a result of the owner’s failure to identify signals that the vehicle’s engine is in distress. To help you accurately time your oil change, we, in this post, take a look at some signs that you need new oil.

Increased exhaust emissions
Is your exhaust releasing more emissions than normal? If yes, there is a possibility that your engine oil is breaking down and can no longer function the way it should. When this happens to consider this a sign that you need new oil.

Impure oil
Pure oil is dark amber in color. Impure oil, on the other hand, is dark black. To ensure that it is capable of performing its role, check its purity at regular intervals. To check your engine oil, take the dipstick out and clean it. Once you've got rid of dust and dirt particles sticking to the dipstick, put it back in the oil tank and take it out for the second time. If the fluid is dark and thick, top it off.

Unusual engine noises
One of the many functions of engine oil is creating a protective barrier between various components of the engine to minimize friction between them. Impure/old engine oil cannot perform this function. In the absence of a protective barrier, metallic parts rub against each other, and the resultant abrasion produces knocking, rumbling, and roaring sounds.

Illuminated check engine oil light
An illuminated oil change light is an indication that your engine does not have enough of the fluid. Ignoring this sign can result in serious engine damage.

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