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 Cloth Seats

One crucial part of polishing your car is cleaning the car seats. Your car seats may frequently appear clean and may not look like they need a wash. But in reality, they gather the highest amount of dust and grit over time. Car seats made of polymer materials like faux or real leather are comparatively easier to clean. They have slick surfaces that do not absorb any grime, dust, or stains. The real challenge, however, is cleaning cloth car seats. These seat covers tend to absorb and get stained very easily. Here, we share a few tips on how to clean cloth car seats.

Vacuum cleaning
The first step in cleaning any car seat should be this. Vacuum cleaning can take away a majority of the dust and other loosely bound dirt such as dog fur, food crumbs, or other small debris. This is an essential step and should not be skipped, be it for cloth seat covers or any other type.

Test a fabric cleaning solution on a small area
The best product that you can use is a fabric cleaning solution. It could be a detergent or stain removal solution, depending on the intensity of scrubbing needed. But before you go into a thorough cleanse, it is best to do a spot test first. It comprises an examination of the solution on a small portion of the seat cover to see if it causes any dulling or damage to the fabric.

Spraying the solution
If you're sure that the product is right for your car seat, go ahead and sprinkle some solution on any stains or dirt on the fabric. Don't soak the seat with the cleaning solution as it may take too long to dry. Just a few sprays should be good enough.

Use a soft fabric cleaning brush
After spraying the seat with the solution, use a soft or medium brush to scrub off the stains. Don't use a brush that has very stiff bristles, as this may damage the seat cover.

Wipe off any remaining solution and dirt
In the end, use a microfiber cloth to wipe off any excess solution or dirt, which must be done before the solution dries out. Vacuum clean once more to get speck-free cleaning.

Source: Kia