2020 Kia Soul Mood Lighting

Kia Soul has created ripples in the car industry of late. This wonderfully unique vehicle can wow you with its fascinatingly wide variety of Kia Soul colors and mood lighting. Everything about this car is unique, including its exclusive mood light system. What is it and how to turn on mood lighting? We’ll let you know soon, but if you want to experience Kia’s features first-hand, you are welcome to visit our JTs Kia Rock Hill, SC, dealership right away. We are close to Red River, Springstein, and Riverview, the cities we serve.

Mood Lighting System

One of the premium features of the Kia Soul is its mood lighting system. That could be the reason this feature is included only in its top GT-line Turbo trim. That should not disappoint you because even the top trim Soul is highly affordable at the starting price of $27,490 for 2020 Kia Soul GT-Line Turbo.

Mood Lighting and Music

Mood lighting can really turn on your mood when accompanied by music. You will notice brilliant sparkling lights surrounding cup holders and front speakers that will rhythmically pulsate and change color as the music plays on. This feeling of being in a rock concert has been used for the first time in a car. A premium Harman Kardon® sound system is an essential part of the mood lighting. The system resonates with rich and crisp sound in its full range amplified by an external amplifier. Your system also includes a central speaker and a subwoofer.

Mood Lighting to Suit Your Taste

Kia Soul makers know the subtle ways light and music can impact your mood. So in their latest 2020 Soul version, they have provided six different lighting modes to pump you up, even if you want something calm and peaceful or something more energetic and wild. The 2020 Soul GT-Line Turbo has six modes that include Romance, Midnight City, Cafe, Traveling, Party Time, Yo! And Hey!

If you would like to know more about the features of the 2020 Kia Soul, or if you would like to test drive the vehicle to experience mood lighting first hand, head over to the JTs Kia Rock Hill dealership today.

Source: Kia