Kia Upgrades 2021 Stinger ADAS

The four-door sports sedan from Kia Stinger has been equipped with advanced and improved ADAS or driver-assist systems and other safety features. 

Safety Features

The upgraded Kia Stinger offers the same safety feature, which was available previously. Additionally, it comes with a string of fresh updates and features. These features are helpful for the passengers, other road users, and the driver.

  1. FCA or Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist now provides protection while turning across a road by figuring out oncoming vehicles on the opposite side. Plus, this safety feature also boasts an improved activation range while detecting a cyclist, pedestrian, or vehicle.
  2. BCA or Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist is an improvement over the previous BCW or Blind-Spot Collision Warning. It not only warns a driver of adjacent vehicles on the highway but also helps him/her avoid a possible collision. BCA is accomplished by using differential braking.
  3. LKA or Lane Keeping Assist can now identify a road’s edge and the lines in a road. It offers steering assistance so that the driver can be prevented from deserting their lane without using signaling.
  4. The upgraded Stinger comes with ISLA or Intelligent Speed Limit Assist for Europe on the basis of traffic sign recognition.
  5. NSCC or Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control comes in handy to drive around a highway’s curved parts. It reduces the speed of the car automatically to a suitable level. The feature does so before it enters the curve. As soon as the vehicle exits the curve, it returns to the vehicle’s original speed.
  6. DAW or Driver Attention Warning has now surged the operating speed to a maximum of 210 km/hour or 130 miles/hour. The feature also alerts a driver when the vehicle in front starts moving off from the stop.

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Source: Kia