Kia Offers Special Military Incentives

As a way to thank all the people who make life in the United States safe and peaceful for every citizen, Kia Motors has been offering special incentives and discounts for past and current military personnel. So whether you have been thinking about buying a Kia Sportage or a Kia Stinger, if you or your spouse has a record of providing military services to the nation, Kia is here to thank you for your services by giving you special incentives when you purchase a new car.

What Are The Special Military Incentives From Kia And How Can You Avail Them?

Kia has been producing world-class automobiles for years and has a strong reputation even when it comes to military vehicles from Kia Motors. Now, Kia has made it so that military personnel will also find the same ease of use that Kia Motors Military vehicles have by making it easier for them to purchase brand new Kia mass-market vehicles, such as the Kia Telluride, Kia Stinger, or Kia Sportage.

The special military incentives from Kia are only available at select dealerships. So if you live in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and want to avail your military discount when purchasing a new Kia vehicle, then confirm with your nearest Kia dealership if they are partnering with Kia's military program to find out more.

The military discount from Kia gives you a $400 incentive when you go in to purchase a new car. This is not available as a cashback, but only as a discount on the model, you want to buy. Some Kia dealerships can also offer incentives in addition to what’s offered by the parent company.

To be eligible for the Kia Special Military Incentives program, you should either be either on active duty, have retired from active duty, be a veteran, in the national guard or reserve guard, or be the dependent of a member of the military forces. When you go to a participating Kia dealership to purchase your new car, you must carry your Military ID. You will also have to provide one of the following documents:

  • Your current Earnings Statement
  • A statement from the Bank that shows your military pension or disability income courtesy of the United States Armed Forces
  • A copy of your Honorable Discharge papers
  • An official document that indicates you will be a recipient of military pension
  • A marriage certificate, where you are the spouse of military personnel, will be required during purchase as well

Within a single calendar year, only two Speciality incentives will be allowed, and you can combine your Special Military Incentive with other available incentives from Kia.

If you live in Rock Hill, Red River, Springstein, or Riverview in South Carolina, and want to learn more about special military incentives from Kia, then visit the JTs Kia Rock Hill dealership today!

Source: Kia