Schedule Kia Service, Maintenance, and Repair in Rock Hill

Buying a Kia vehicle in Red River, Springstein, or Riverview in Rock Hill, SC, doesn’t mean an end to the process of caring for your car. You still need to make sure you’re up to date with vehicle service, maintenance, and repair. In Rock Hill, you can make a service appointment with JTs Kia Rock Hill and benefit from trained technicians evaluating the condition of your car. 

Whether you’re looking for service and parts or just want to follow through with your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance plan, the convenient location of JTs Kia Rock Hill will make the task easier for you.  Whether it’s 10,000 miles or 100,000 miles, getting your vehicle serviced at the right time will help you avoid costly repairs, and a trusted Kia dealership like JTs Kia Rock Hill will ensure genuine Kia parts are used for any replacements that are needed.   

Following the recommended Kia maintenance schedule for your vehicle is the best way to make sure your vehicle is in good shape. While the specifics may differ depending on the Kia model you own, it generally includes 4 service visits with services dependent on the duration of use or distance covered. Here’s what you can expect when you schedule a service appointment with a Kia dealer like JTs Kia Rock Hill -

Service #1 Covers Services Such As...

Filter and engine oil replacement 
Topping up essential fluids
Assessment of tire wear and inflation  
Evaluating the functioning of handbrakes, block heater, and lights 
Checking the horn and air filter

Service #2 Includes Service #1 & the following...

Tire rotation and inspection of seat belts, engine coolant, and anchors
Lubricating locks, latches, driveshaft U-joints, and hinges 
Assessing brake condition, cylinders, calipers, and exhaust system  
Attending to manual & automatic transmission fluid             
Evaluating front & rear differential fluids and the area under the carriage  
Checking ball joints, transfer case oil, and tire rods 

Service 3 Includes Services #1, #2 & The Following

Adjustment of rear brakes 
Lubricating calipers & cleaning front brakes 
Evaluating brake line fittings for leaks
Checking A/C function 
Evaluating hoses & power steering lines 


Service #4 Includes Services #1, #2, #3 & the following...

Replacement of transfer case fluid and differential fluids 
Replacement of air filter, spark plugs, clutch fluid, brakes, and engine coolant
Checking ignition wires, fuel lines, and other connections

You can get the right service done by scheduling a service appointment with JTs Kia Rock Hill in Rock Hill, SC. We also serve customers from the nearby areas of Red River, Springstein, and River View.

Source: Kia