How Do I Know If My Car Needs New Brakes?

If there ever comes a time when your car needs to have its brakes replaced, you need to know the signs to look out for. Many car owners fail to recognize brake problems and continue to drive their vehicles with damaged brakes. Not only does this endanger their lives and the ones accompanying them in their vehicles, but it also has the potential to damage other key components of the vehicles, such as the suspension, the tires, and the rotors.

So, let’s take a look at some of the signs that may be telling you to have your brakes repaired or even replaced. For quality repairs and replacement near Riverview, Red River, and Springstein, visit JTs Kia Rock Hill in Rock Hill, SC, not just a KIA service center, but a reliable place for all your car shopping needs.

Grinding noises along with squeals and squeaks

When brake pads get worn out, they start making contact with the rotor, which is not good news for the rotor. The contact results in a variety of sounds, which consist of squeals, squeaks, and frequent grinding noises. Get your brake pads replaced in such a scenario as early as possible. Continue to ignore this warning, and you may be in for a really expensive rotor replacement later on.

Brake fluid leak or air leak

Healthy brakes tend to be very responsive, but when you see the responsiveness going down, it may be an indication of either an air leak or a brake fluid leak. Such leaks cause brake pedals to go down towards the floor of the vehicle, almost in a sinking manner. Double-check for brake fluid leaks by checking after you’ve had your car parked for some time. If there’s a puddle of a fluid that looks like motor oil but less slimy, it’s a brake fluid leak.

Vibrating brake pedal

When brakes are used continuously for long periods (common in off-roading), they cause the rotors to warp due to an incredible amount of friction. As the surface of the rotors experiences rapid changes, the brakes are unable to grip them, causing vibrations in the brake pedal. Again, not having the brakes checked in this scenario may lead to severe damage to the rotors.

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Source: KIA