Spring Cleaning: Don't Forget Your Kia!

The spring season is here, and all of us are gearing up for spring cleaning. Here are a few important tips to keep your Kia looking as good as new:

  1. Covering and Upholstery: Utilizing a moist towel, wipe down the seats. Dispose of any debris, mud, or dry soil on the covering, preferably using a machine.

  2. The Console: Wash the consoles cautiously to avoid getting any of the electrical equipment wet. Let it dry completely.

  3. Compartments: In your hurry to get inside the warmth of your house, you might've left trash inside the compartments. Clean out the cabin to keep your car looking neat and clean.

  4. Windows: Shine the windows. After all that winter driving, the windows will require a touch of additional consideration. Brush the inside and outside with a strong window cleaner.

  5. Trunk: Check the storage compartment of the vehicle as part of the next step. Wipeout all the wintertime mess. This would also be a good time to ensure the extra tire and emergency kit are in decent shape.

  6. Exterior Body: This needs to be done carefully to maintain the natural shine of your vehicle. Pour water on the exterior body and wipe every inch of it thoroughly. If required, you may even use a polish or special cleaner.

  7. Wheels: Pay some additional regard to the wheels; they dole out unimaginable effort in the winters. Remove any residual dirt and wash them adequately. This is also a decent time to check the tire pressure and take care of any loose nuts and bolts.

  8. Engine: During the winter, due to the cold and lack of cleaning, leaves, garbage, and even soil can get into the engine. Generally, cleaning down the edges is sufficient. However, after a particularly harsh winter, you may need to have the engine cleaned by a professional.

  9. Replace your Wipers: Harsh winters put a lot of pressure on your windshield wipers. Get your wipers checked by a professional, and if required, get them replaced. Wipers are a vital tool, and you must have them working precisely at all times.

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