Tips for Driving in the Rain

Rain is wonderful when you are cozy on your sofa with a hot cup of coffee. However, if you are driving and your view is restricted to 2-3 ft, it could be dangerous. Many times you cannot predict the weather, and you must be prepared to drive confidently in such wet conditions. If you're in need of expert assistance when it comes to prepping for the rains ahead, get in touch with our dealership at the earliest. For now, read through our tips for staying safe on the road. 

Stay Extra Cautious

When it starts pouring, the road surface becomes slippery, especially on the highways due to grease and oil build-up. Drive very cautiously since the road conditions can surprise you. The tires may suffer since they come in contact with the debris; this might make you lose steering control or your car may not move ahead as usual.

Slow down

Drive slowly and carefully. Maintain a safe distance from the vehicles moving ahead of you; this gives you enough time to apply brakes and stop when the need arises. Driving slowly also lets you have better control over your vehicle.

Turn on Lights and Traction Control

If your car comes with a traction control feature, turn it on; this prevents slipping away and helps you stay on track. Don’t forget to turn on the lights; they help the others driving around notice your vehicle.

Maintain your Windshield Wipers

Ensure to maintain your windshield wipers in proper working condition. When you are stuck in a storm, windshield wipers come as a lifesaver; they enable you to see ahead and make the right move. You can even use your car defrosting system to get rid of the fog on the windshield.

Stay with the Skid

More often drivers apply brakes when they realize that their car is skidding. Please note; this will make it even worse. Instead, let off the gas, slightly apply the brake and try to take control of the steering.

If your car needs a makeover after rain damage or accident, get in touch with JT’s Kia of Rock Hill.

Source: Pexels