Customize Your Kia Stinger Steering Wheel

Indeed, the KIA Stinger allows customers to add a touch of them to it by offering custom options for the steering wheel. Wish to personalize your KIA vehicle? Why not customize the wheel? Add a dash of your personality to your KIA Stinger’s steering wheel by having it custom-designed for you. We don’t blame you for wanting to stylize your car’s steering wheel, it can get quite basic, and a basic standard style is not for everybody. You can pick from a variety of different pre-made styles that are compatible with your KIA Stinger car, such as wooden steering wheels, classic-styled steering wheels, and racing steering wheels. Alternatively, you could specify the various components that go into building a KIA Stinger’s steering wheel and have it completely personalized according to specification.

Choose Your Steering Wheel Material, Stitching Color, and Style

If you wish to customize your KIA Stinger’s steering wheel entirely, you’ll have to choose its material, stitching color, top centerline color, leather color, and steering wheel source. 

In terms of material, you may choose from Carbon Fiber with leather/suede/alcantara. A variety of stitching and top centerline colors are made available to choose from. You may pick from smooth or perforated leather. Additionally, you will need to specify whether you’d like your wheel from the Core Exchange or supplied by the dealership you’re trusting to customize your KIA Stinger steering wheel for you.

Let JT's KIA of Rock Hill Customize Your KIA Stinger’s Steering Wheel for You

JT's KIA of Rock Hill of Rock Hill, SC, can customize your KIA Stinger’s steering wheel for you the way you want. We service the localities of Red River, Springstein, and Riverview equally and if you happen to reside in any of these, you are welcome to seek our KIA Stinger steering wheel customization and other services. All KIA Stinger steering wheels will be traditionally D-cut on the bottom. You can go on to choose the stitch color and other fabric/color options. 

JT's KIA of Rock Hill promises to customize your KIA Stinger’s steering wheel based on your specifications. We’ll make sure we provide you with the steering wheel you want, complete with your personal touches and style directions. No other car dealership will provide you with the steering wheel customization quality we offer at our competitive pricing in the area.

Source: Kia