Kia Stinger vs Audi S5

If you wish to buy a sports sedan, you must be aware of the KIA Stinger and the Audi S5. Both are sports cars that compete head to head for the title of the most luxurious and practical car choice in the segment. So, which should you go for? 

How Do the KIA Stinger and the Audi S5 Compare?

The Audi S5 might be the established four-door coupe you’d think was the clear winner, but the KIA Stinger will take you by surprise. Both the KIA Stinger and the Audi S5 have V6 turbocharged petrol engines. So, engine performance is similar for both these cars. The engine on the Audi S5 weighs a little less, but the KIA Stinger GT S engine is slightly more powerful, balancing the specifications out. 

In terms of riding comfort, the KIA Stinger GT S offers adaptive dampers as a standard feature. However, you will have to shell out exorbitantly to receive the same feature on an Audi S5. 

The Audi S5 has a Four Wheel Drive facility, which means it can drive competently fast even on rough roads. The KIA Stinger, with its Rear Wheel Drive, offers more precise handling. 

You can expect to take long, comfortable rides in your KIA Stinger without cramping yourself. 

A Close Match if There Was Any – the Results Might Surprise You

The Audi S5 is a recognized sports sedan. Can the new KIA Stinger really match up to its rumored speed and performance? You’ll be surprised to learn that it actually does. The KIA Stinger is made available at a significantly lesser price point. It offers a better fuel economy than the Audi S5 and is actually faster to accelerate. The engine performance, as already discussed, is neck-to-neck. The KIA Stinger is the sports sedan you’d benefit from buying if you could bypass Audi’s heritage brand name.

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