Safety Features of Kia's

Kia is one of the best-selling brands in the US, and it only makes sense that Kia models are built for quality holding the needs of the customer in mind. Car dealerships in Rock Hill, SC, offer a wide range of Kia creations that come with safety features designed to keep everyone in the car and outside safe while on the road. Let’s take a closer look at these.


Your Kia comes with driver and passenger seat airbags, rear-side airbags, a curtain airbag, and river knee airbags. This means that in the event of a collision, you will have a sufficient number of cushionings protecting you and fellow occupants against injury from all sides. 

Bumper systems for pedestrians

This system has a lower stiffener or lower leg form that can minimize a pedestrian’s bending of their knee in case of an impact between your Kia and the pedestrian, thus making them fall onto the vehicle. This helps to prevent them from going under your car and suffering severe injuries. 

Seat belt pre-tensioner

Your Kia comes with a seat belt pre-tensioner that holds you and your passengers firmly in your respective seats right before a collision. This allows you to come in contact with the airbags in safely.

Lane departure warning system 

Kia cars come with a system that alerts you to stay in your lane while on the road using a camera mounted on the windshield.

Forward collision warning system 

This system maintains a safe distance between your Kia and the vehicle in front of you by warning you when the distance is too short.

Advanced smart cruise control

This control enables you to automatically match your speed with the one in front of you so that you don’t have to manually fiddle with your cruise control buttons.

Tire pressure monitoring system

With the Kia tire pressure monitoring system, you will be alerted if any of your tires are under-inflated, as it actively monitors the air pressure. 

If safety is a priority for you, then head to JTs Kia rock Hill – one of the best car dealerships in Rock Hill, SC – and we’ll help you find the perfect car for you!

Source: Pexels